I highly recommend Rabbi Ceitlin as a mohel. I am a surgeon and therefore hyper attuned to sterile & meticulous procedures, and I was impressed with Mohel Ceitlin’s professionalism and technical skill. In the hours, days and weeks after the brit milah he checked on us frequently on his own initiative, and also if we had questions he answered them promptly.   Bz”H Mohel Ceitlin will perform many more Bris’s for us!

Robert Cornateanu, MD

Good morning Rabbi Ceitlin,
I brought Eliel to his doctors this morning and he said it healed up perfectly. He thought we brought him to the hospital to get it done, he said you did a great job. We are very grateful. You over exceeded our expectation, we heard horror stories from our friends especially of the healing process but you explained everything thoroughly and made yourself available and that gave us comfort. Thanks again. We will recommend you to as many families as possible!

Fran Mcdowell

Rabbi Ceitlin is an excellent choice to use for a bris. He has a very calming voice and has a very caring personality. He makes the bris experience very rewarding to the parents and the families of the baby no matter what your affiliation is. My grandson was born on August 6, 2017 and his bris was the following Sunday. He came before the bris to talk to the parents and let them know the procedures that involved the bris ceremony. He even provided his own chair to use the day of for the sandek, the one holding the babies legs during the circumcision. Rabbi Ceitlin checked on the baby multiple times after the bris to make sure he was healing well via texts, emails, or making  house calls if necessary . My family would strongly recommend using Rabbi Ceitlin for your mohel to perform the bris.

-Amy Goldin, Gulfport, MS.

My family had a wonderful experience with Rabbi Mendel Ceitlin.  He made every step of the process - before, during, and after the ceremony - as stress-free, professional, and reassuring as it could be.  Mendel the Mohel did a great job, and crafted the synergy of Halacha and medical standards that made us comfortable in what would have otherwise been a more nerve-wracking time for first-time parents like us.  Thanks Mendel!

- Jon Lissauer, MD and Emily Nykaza, MSPH

Rabbi Ceitlin has an excellent bedside manner and we have found him to be very thorough with regard to follow up. Though we were not first timers, nothing was taken for granted and he guided through the care in great detail. Highly recommend him as a Mohel!

- Rabbi Mendel and Malkie Rivkin

Rabbi Ceitlin did our 4th son's bris. The baby was a little jaundiced in the beginning, and Rabbi Ceitlin expertly examined him to determine if the bris should be put off until later. Before we moved to Louisiana, we'd used a "holistic" mohel who let my husband hold the baby's legs rather than strapping him to the board. We preferred that method and wanted to do it that way again and Rabbi Ceitlin made it happen. We are so glad to have a mohel here in New Orleans!"

- Alvis and Jessie Wilson